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Pwllderi Coast Path, Pembrokeshire, Wales by Ken Barnett

Opalized wood

Bavaria, Germany by Fabian Maximilian
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Despite whatever race you are, your support is valid. Saying white people are not capable of understanding racism is racism in itself. Contrary to the belief that only white people are racist, black people can also be racist. Any person and race is capable of discriminating or being discriminated…

You will never understand how it feels. You cannot be racist towards a white person. This is not about white people so stop making it about you. You will never experience racism. Discrimination sure but reverse racism doesn’t exist, sorry. I think you should read about it a little more to re formulate your thought process

And you’re right, reverse racism doesn’t exist because if a black person hates on me for being white then it’s just called racism. The term isn’t reserved for black people.

Lmao no. Sorry. Please educate yourself. As a white person you are privileged, you have the power to oppress. As people of color aka not white we are the oppressed. You will never be told from a early age that your skin color is wrong. You will never be shot over a 3$ candy bar. You will never have the cops called on you for walking around just because the color of your skin. You are just plain ignorant. Look up the definition of racism!! You will never be treated like the deviation of the norm because as a white person you ARE the norm.You will NEVER experience racism and for that you should be glad. stop making this about you, reverse racism will never exist
No matter how much your white privileged ass cries about being called a cracker. I really think you should educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself anymore. You’re adding to this racism problem.. Byeee.

p>And the term racism is reserved for all those in a society who are minorities in terms of social, economical power. So yeah blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Mexicans, Arabs etc etc. Aka not white people who are NOT the minorities and are NOT at a disadvantage in that said society. (USA). You should be happy you will never

Experience racism ** don’t bother replying either I don’t care to discuss further :)

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there should be NO white people in the #iftheygunnedmedown tag that is not a conversation for you,  the only thing white people should be doing is help make black voices heard on this subject 

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theperksofbeingawesomelylesbian: Honestly... #iftheygunnedmedown is a movement for equality. Who's to say that only people of color can rise up? Where's the equality for those who are speaking out in your favor? To have the very people they're speaking up for lash out at them is ridiculous.


I went on your blog and saw what other answers and questions you sent to other tumblr users, and I think you just don’t understand what  #iftheygunnedmedown actually is.

This is not about you, this is not about so-called “allies”. 

#iftheygunnedmedown is a platform for black people voices,a place against racism that affects THEM. White people inserting themselves in this are trash and should learn to know their place. They want to support black people? GOOD. Reblog pertinent posts and speak up against other bigoted white people. But DO NOT insert yourself in a place that is not yours. 

There’s other ways to support. As a white person, I can go anywhere, speak to anyone about black people issues and will be heard, because I’m white. I am privileged. 

This is not the case for black people. #iftheygunnedmedown is THEIR platform and as a white person, I have to respect the fact that my presence is unwanted. 

"To have the very people they’re speaking up for lash out at them is ridiculous"


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